Dear Potential customer,

A second generation of Efficiency, Service & quality is our promise to you. We carefully chose our mission statement, after a long list of accomplishments, milestones achievements, solid principles, professional experience and our pride and joy … “Our long list of satisfied clients”;

Also hundreds of elevators successfully erected and still under our professional maintenance system. 

Our efficient preventive maintenance system made our company one of the few with intact and spotless history regarding accidents and injuries.

We manage our family business with a principle, our clients and our employees are our family too, and thus we are extra careful for all security related issues, always on the look and always preventing.

We pledge, so that you join our family and become one of our satisfied customers.

*Brief summary about our company,

Globe Lifts Co. was founded in 1982 by LABIB MASSOUD, after a long history of technical management in OTIS Lebanon and RIAD K.S.A.

It was founded as a maintenance company with a high standard services list, and evolved positively and grew proportionally with years to become what it is today and to position itself competitively side by side with major brands in the market.

We are positioned in the mid range segment, we source our products from various European suppliers mainly Italian, we engineer our line of product locally, we assemble our products to tailor the needs of the various clients requests, we erect our products with high standards and we honor our warranties.

Then the second generation came along and the bar was raised. Higher standards, better quality, faster service and tougher challenges.

Today our sales and marketing tools are becoming more and more efficient with very realistic and non fictional facts.   

Over the years Globe Lifts Co. has developed3 different lines of products to accommodate the markets main 3 different clients,

*Single star “*” line,

That has been developed for commercial purposes. An excellent elevator, that has all the security features. Respecting standards and regulations. And yet, modestly furbished and slightly decorated to make it affordable for the client and competitive for us in a demanding market.

Double Star “**” line,

This line is an upper grade version of the Single Star “*” Line. Better Quality, different material and upper grade décor to make it charming.

This line is usually requested by clients who want to invest in their reputation. A small difference in price guarantee the end customer’s satisfaction.

Triple Star “***” Line,

Luxurious, has all the extra trimmings and more. Designed for high-end clients, with the vision of excellence and perfection.

Elegant décor, with smooth rides. And options similar to big name like Otis and others. 

*Our company's ethos and principles,

Family business

  1. Our clients are family;
  2. Our employees are family.



  1. We like to treat, the way we like to be treated;

Safety is our priority

  1. Your safety first;
  2. Our employees safety first too;

We say we do

  1. When we say it, it is honored and fulfilled;

We only commit to what we can handle

  1. Once we commit, the job is done;
  2. One project is as important as 10 combined.

Our product remains ours

  1. We take care of your purchase as if it is still ours, we feel it is still our product and caries our brand name.

If it isn’t broken yet, fix it anyway

  1. Prevention is the key to safe maintenance.

The day is not over if 1 unit is not functional

  1. None of us goes home if 1 of our clients can’t.