The BEST Lift Modernization

Up grading an old lift and turning it into a modern, safe and efficient lift is an art by itself. Hundreds of successful lift modernization jobs have been executed. Also hundreds of satisfied clients have been served and still under our professional lift maintenance schedule.

Whether you require upgrading:

The lift speed;

The lift Décor and car design;

The door function from manual lift doors to sliding lift doors;

Adding the highest lift technology (microprocessor) and upgrading the old lift;

Switching from single speed or double speed lifts to VVVF (variable voltage variable frequency);

Adding a lift ELD emergency landing device, to bring the lift to the nearest stop in case of power failure;

Or simply increasing the lift usage up to 6 hours without the need of electricity, the ABS automatic backup system will provide complete lift safety and comfort.

Adding a lift emergency light, lift fan, lift access control, lift interphone and many other features.