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The information provided on this website is subject to a responsibility exemption clause, a Copyright notice, and regulations applicable to personal data protection, including usage conditions.

Responsibility exemption clause

Globe lifts co. and each of the companies that comprise it (hereinafter Globe lifts co.) decline any responsibility for information outside this website and not directly managed by our webmaster. The links displayed on this page serve exclusively to inform users about the existence of other sources of information on the Internet, where they can obtain further information related to the content provided on this site. These links do not constitute a suggestion, invitation or recommendation to visit their destinations, and therefore, Globe lifts co. is not responsible for any result obtained through such hypertext links. Under no circumstances will Globe lifts co. be responsible to third parties for any direct or indirect economic damage, loss of customers or loss of income, resulting from the use of or any of the domains belonging to the companies that comprise the Globe lifts co..

Copyright Notice

Globe lifts co.

Authorized reproduction whenever the source is cited, unless indicated otherwise. In cases where prior authorization is required for the reproduction or use of textual or multimedia content (sounds, images, programs, etc.), the said authorization shall cancel the general information authorization, and clearly indicate any potential usage restrictions.

Personal data protection

Globe lifts co. is committed to respecting user privacy. Therefore, Globe lifts co. has adopted the levels of personal data protection that are required by law, It likewise aims to use all additional technical protection measures within its power.

The www.Globe lifts website may employ "cookies" when users visit its pages, to detect user’s browsers, browsing language and other user configurable elements. Users have the option of configuring their browsers to notify them when "cookies" are received and stop them, where applicable, being installed on their hard drive. Please consult your browser's instructions and manuals to learn more about this.

As a general rule, personal data must be provided via a form when contacting Globe lifts co. In this respect, we will determine the purpose and processing methods to be used on the personal data and ensure compliance with the service or the content of the privacy policy, that specifies:

Privacy Declaration

Through this privacy declaration, Globe lifts co. states its policy regarding the use of the information that you have supplied:

  • What information is gathered, for what purpose and by what technical means: Globe lifts co. exclusively gathers as much personal information as required to achieve a specific aim. The information will not be reused for a purpose other than that described.
  • Who the data is shown to: Globe lifts co. only reveals information to third parties if this is necessary to meet the aforementioned aims and only to the people (or groups of people) mentioned.
  • How you can access your data, check whether it is correct and, where necessary, amend it: as the object of the information, you also have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data for legitimate reasons, except when the data is gathered to meet a legal requirement or is needed to comply with a contract to which you are a party, or is to be used for something you have given your unequivocal consent to.
  • How long is your data which is made available kept for: Globe lifts co. only keeps data for as long as is necessary to meet the purpose it was gathered for or for later processing.
  • What security measures are taken to protect your information against potential abuse or unauthorized access? Globe lifts co. has adopted the legally required personal data protection security levels, and has installed all means and technical measures at its disposal to prevent the loss, improper use, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the personal data supplied to Globe lifts co. The company will inform you of this, on written request signed by the person concerned, and sent to Globe lifts co. New rawda, rayan bldg. ss1 Beirut Lebanon.
  • Who to contact if you have any queries or complaints. You can contact the site´s webmaster, by non-anonymous email at
  • The website at Globe lifts domain, offer links to third party sites. Given that no control is exercised over the said links, we suggest you read their privacy policies carefully.


Rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition

Users can exercise their recognized rights to access, cancellation, rectification and opposition, and have the right to be kept informed of any assignments made, by contacting Globe lifts co. by email at info@ Globe lifts or in writing at: New rawda, rayan bldg. ss1 Beirut Lebanon.

About the services and content provided by

Two types of service exist or will exist at Globe lifts co:

  • Information services, which provide citizens, the media, companies, administrators and other officials with simple and effective access to information, thereby increasing transparency and understanding of Globe lifts co policies and activities.
  • Interactive communication services, that facilitate improved contact with citizens, the media, companies’ civil society and public agents and which thereby facilitate queries about Globe lifts co policies and initiatives.

Conditions of Use

  • Use of the www. Globe lifts website is governed by the rules established in this legal notice. By using it, you accept the Conditions of Use.
  • The website www. Globe lifts and all of its content is owned by Globe lifts co, and email address info@ Globe lifts
  • The www. Globe lifts website or any part of it, cannot be reproduced, copied, sold, resold or exported for any commercial purpose or any other purpose unless expressly permitted by our company.
  • The modification of the content or its use for other purposes constitute a violation of Copyright and other registered trademarks.
  • For legal reasons, Globe lifts co can and must provide as much information as required to the competent authorities in accordance with the Lebanese law where a corresponding court order has been issued, which is only granted when a judge has a strong suspicion that a user may have carried out illegal activities. In such circumstances, and with the intention of collaborating with the judicial authorities, Globe lifts co may record and subsequently provide the police (following presentation of the judicial order required by law), with information about a users IP address, in addition to the exact connection time, user names and passwords, amongst other information. In any event, IP addresses and connection times are only recorded for services where there is a suspicion that a user may be breaking the law.